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    HTB-150N IP55 Series

    HTB-150N IP55

    Ceiling fan of 150 cm diameter, designed to work in difficult conditions, silent and easy to install.
    Three-speed operation, with control included.
    Anticorrosion treatment.
    Rust proof, protected against dust particles and jets of water in all directions.
    Reversible direction of rotation, via connexion.
    Motor with thermal protection.

    Applications of reversible rotation direction
    The reversible rotation direction of the fan allows sending the air to the floor or to the ceiling.
    - Summer: Sending the air downwards, permits good air circulation of renewed and refreshed air throughout the room.
    - Winter: Sending the air upwards, enables the calorific energy supplied by the heating appliances to be used, as it presses the hot air accumulated below the ceiling down. Achieving energy saving and greater comfort.
    HTB-150N IP55

    Protected against jets of water in all directions.

    Three-speed control included.
    Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 80x80x70

    Protected against jets of water in all directions.