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    ILB / ILT Series

    ILB/6-355 *230V 50* VE

    Range of in-line rectangular duct fan manufactured from galvanised steel sheet and provided with an inspection cover that can be removed to access the motor/impeller assembly without having to remove the complete fan casing from the ducting. All model incorporate directdrive forward curved centrifugal impeller.

    Available, depending upon the model, in 4, 6 or 8 poles.
    Three phase motors are speed controllable by inverter
    All motors are IP55, class F insulation, equipped with thermal protection.
    All motors incorporate ball bearings greased for life.
    Electrical supply:
    -Single phase 230V-50Hz.
    -Three phase 230/400V-50Hz.
    (See characteristics chart).

    All single and three phase motors are speed controlable by voltage. And all three phase motors are also suitable for inverter control.
    ILB/6-355 *230V 50* VE

    For ATEX versions, please see ILT ATEX Series

    Easy to install
    Standard rectangular flanges to ease the Installation.

    IP55 remote terminal box
    To ease installation and maintenance and connection to external controls.

    Inspection cover
    To facilitate maintenance.

    Complete solution for ventilation systems
    In-line ILB/ILT fan mounted together with a bag filter IFL, an acoustic attenuator IAA, a flexible connector IAE and an electrical heater battery IBE.