Acoustic cabinet fans
CRMTC Series

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Serial CRMTC

CRMTC/4 355/145 4,0KW LG 270 400/690V 50HZ VE

  • <strong>Officially approved to EN12101-3 standard</strong>

    Officially approved to EN12101-3 standard

  • <strong>Continuous</strong>


  • <strong>Car Parks</strong>

    Car Parks

  • <strong>Commercial and industrial kitchens</strong>

    Commercial and industrial kitchens

CRMTC/4 355/145 4,0KW LG 270 400/690V 50HZ VE

Cabinet fans for smoke extraction certified F400-120. Cabinet fans manufactured from galvanised sheet steel and protected against corrosion.
Internally lined with 7 mm thickness of melamine acoustic foam insulation (M1).
All models are fitted with forward curved centrifugal impellers.

All motors are IP55, class F insulation.
Available, depending upon the model, with three phase motors in 4 or 6 poles.
Electrical suply:
Three phase
230/400V-50Hz, up to 3 kW.
400V-50Hz, for higher motor powers.
(See characteristichs chart).

On request
Two speed motors.

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