Centrifugal Backward Curved Impeller
CBTRL Series

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Single inlet direct-drive centrifugal fans, manufactured from anti-corrosion steel sheet with polyester paint, centrifugal backward curved impeller dynamically balanced, three-phase motor, IP55, Class F.
CBTRL models: Fan manufactured from galvanized sheet steel (Scroll and motor support). Available up to 501 model.

2 pole, IE 2 high efficiency. All motors are IP55, class F.
Supply voltage: Three-phase 230/400V-50Hz, up to 3 kW.
400V-50Hz for more power.

Additional information
Standard orientation: LG270.
Designed to continuously circulate air up to 120ºC.

On request
Manufactured from different materials.
RD versions.
Versions with no stand (MB – Motor Flange).
60 Hz versions.
4 pole motors.
2-speed motors.
High-temperature versions
(up to 250ºC, except for L version: max. 200ºC)
(R versions: with cooling impeller).
Inspection door, draining, weather seal on scroll and shaft access.


ATEX Versions
For ambient working temperaturesfrom -20ºC to +40ºC.
-ATEX Flameproof - Gas
II 2G Exd IIC T5
II 2G Exd IIB T4
-ATEX Increased safety - Gas
II 2G Exe II T3
-ATEX Non-sparking motor -Gas
-ATEX - Dust
II 3D Ex tD 125ºC or 135ºC

To select CBTRL ATEX refer to performance curves, or Easyvent.
Note electrical data may vary for ATEX motors.

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