In-line Mixed Flow Duct Fans with Brushless DC Motors

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TD-500/160 ECOWATT (90-260V 50/60Hz) NE

  • TD-ECOWATTbdp532
  • TD-ECOWATTbdp547

TD-500/160 ECOWATT (90-260V 50/60Hz) NE

Range of low profile mixed flow fans with ball bearings and brushless DC motors, of high efficiency and low consumption. Manufactured in plastic (models 160 to 800) or in steel (models 1300 and 2000), removable fan body, and rated as standard 90/260V- 50/60Hz for models 160 to 800 and 230V/50-60Hz for models 1300 and 2000. Fan speed 100% adjustable with the potentiometer placed in the connection box (excepted TD-160/100 ECOWATT) or with an external control type REB-ECOWATT. Analogue input with terminals in the terminal box to control the fan with 0-10V input signal.
Suitable for any kind of ventilation application where the noise level of the ventilation system is of particular importance and, due to continuous operation, a significant energy saving is desirable. It is also suitable for applications that require a Demand Controlled Ventilation System involving the use of other sensors or controls.

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Technical characteristics



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