Flame Proof Roof Mounted Fans

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TCDH EXD 030-4 IIBT4 0,37KWPTC (230/400V50HZ)

  • TCDH EXDbdp532

TCDH EXD 030-4 IIBT4 0,37KWPTC (230/400V50HZ)

Range of flame proof roof mounted fans, classified Ex II2G Exd IIB(H2) and specially designed for the ventilation / extraction of potentially hazardous and explosive gases.
Working temperature up to +40ºC.
Direct drive backward curved centrifugal impeller, manufactured from galvanised sheet steel and aluminium hub.
Base manufactured from galvanised sheet steel and brass inlet ring.
Cowl manufactured in galvanised sheet steel.
Bird proof guard in accordance with EN ISO 13857 Standard.

- Flame proof motor II2G EExd IICT4.
Available in 4, 6 or 8 poles, depending on versions.
Three phase motor 230/400V-50Hz, IP55, class F.
Motor fitted with PTC thermal protection to connect to a frequency inverter.

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