Tackling IAQ in UK schools and colleges and how Mellizo could be the solution




The Covid-19 pandemic was a catalyst for highlighting the impacts of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and why we should be taking measures to it is up to standard.


With over 10.5 million pupils attending schools and colleges within the UK and 70% of school hours spent indoors, poor IAQ is not only a threat to the health of the UK’s younger generations but also to the standard of their education.


As part of the #LetSchoolsBreathe project, Airly monitored the air quality of 36 schools in the UK in April 2021. The cleantech platform found that 97% experienced unsafe levels of PM2.5 and 65% exceeded safe levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) – surpassing the safe norms set out by the World Health Organisation (WHO).


These numbers alone demonstrate lacking IAQ standards within the educational sector; worrying statistics considering the array of health conditions that can develop as a result, such as asthma and even lung cancer.


But these issues are not isolated to the classroom. Toilets and changing rooms are used frequently daily in schools and colleges, and proper ventilation is vital to protect the indoor air quality.


The drivers behind poor indoor air quality standards can be attributed to a reliance on natural ventilation and the innate limitations that come with it.


The Solution: Mellizo




The latest addition to our vast range of ventilation solutions is the quietest and most efficient twin fan we have ever made, Mellizo – an ideal choice for addressing poor air quality in educational institutions.


Designed for simple installation in a range of environments such as bathrooms and changing rooms, Mellizo benefits from optimal efficiency, innovative design, and the lowest Specific Fan Power (SFP) possible.


Its twin fan design also bolsters Mellizo’s reliability in the educational environment. If one fan stops working during school or college hours, the other is positioned to take over and maintain optimum levels of ventilation.


The digital display also aids with diagnosing potential issues by showing any fault-related information on the screen.


Mellizo is also designed for indoor and external installation, with horizontal and vertical mounting, and features over 15 optional accessories, making it extremely versatile. In the education sector, the AirSens Wireless CO2 monitor is ideal for altering fan speeds in line with rapid changes in C02 levels due to students’ heavy breathing after P.E, whilst the seven-day programmable time-clock would be of great use for schools and colleges to adjust to changing ventilation requirements over the weekend.


Quiet, easy to install, optimum efficiency and eco-friendly, Mellizo is a versatile and forward-thinking solution to the modern issue of ventilation in UK educational environments.


Not only is good ventilation vital for the health and wellbeing of students and teachers, but studies show that it also helps to improve concentration and academic performance. We believe that children and teachers should benefit from clean, quality air in every school or college block, including bathrooms and changing rooms.


Learn more about how Mellizo can help or, alternatively, get in touch with our friendly team on 01473 276 890.