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Performance and power in a very low profile

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Quieter than any centrifugal in-line fan.

Designed to save time, tools and hassle.

Quieter, smaller size and ultra efficient

High performance

Optimised design of the impeller and guide vanes to increase performance and lower the sound level.

Its revolutionary mixed-flow propeller produces high pressure similar to centrifugal impellers.


Airtight joint between the galvanised and plastic casings to avoid air leakage. Rubber gaskets on the flanges to improve airtightness when connecting to ductwork.

Outlet diffuser and silent-block

Integrated outlet diffuser optimizing air circulation to increase airflow efficiency and reduce in-duct sound level.

Silent-block between the motor and the casing to reduce the motor’s vibrations and lower the sound level of the fan.

Discover its components

1.Built-in junction box

Built-in, IP65 terminal box that does not add to the overall height dimensions. AC version (1 cable gland), ECOWATT version (2 cable glands).


Rubber gaskets providing an airtight seal for ducted systems.

3.High performance impeller

New impeller geometry for reduced sound levels and greater performance.

4.Guide vanes

Optimized motor support with guide vanes designed and positioned to increase performance and lower sound levels.

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At S&P we design our products with ease of installation in mind.

3 mounting steps

  1. Using the mounting bracket supplied, mark the fixing points where the product will be placed. Insert screws.
  2. Place the mounting bracket in position taking into account the location of the terminal box.
  3. Fix the product and mounting bracket securely in the previous marked place.

More compact*

Compact design with an incredibly low profile to enable ease of installation into the smallest of spaces. The terminal box and the mounting bracket do not increase the product profile.

*In 150 and 160 models

ZERO Complications

Designed with rubber gaskets on the flanges to simplify the connection and reduce air leakage.

S&P by your side

We help you with anything you may need