Indoor air quality


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Intelligent sensor available in four different versions: CO2, VOC, RH and Temperature.
Designed to create direct demand control ventilation systems without intermediate control installation. AirSens can be linked with AC, ECOWATT (EC) fans or VFTM frequency drive.
The WIFI version allows remote monitoring & control through the & CONNECTAIR® platform.

Main features:
• 4 working modes:
   - Relay output
   - 0-10V output
   - 2-10V output
   - Full Modbus or & CONNECTAIR® platform (WiFi version) communication control
• Adjustable set point.
• IAQ level indicator (3-LED light diffuser).
• Adjustable 3-LED light diffuser intensity.
  • pdf_ins1 Ins_AIRSENS-CO2_VOC_HR(v 2.44Mb
  • pdf_ins2 Ins_AIRSENS-CO2_VOC_HR(v 1.50Mb
  • pdf_ins3 Ins_REC 2.01Mb
  • pdf_ins4 Ins_AIRSENS_WIFI 3.22Mb
  • pdf_ins5 Ins_AIRSENS-TEMP_RF-TEMP 1.20Mb
  • pdf_ins6 Ins_AIRSENS_WIFI_v 1.53Mb
  • pdf_ins7 Ins_AIRSENS_WIFI_IAQ 1.45Mb
  • pdf_ins8 Ins_AIRSENS-RF-CO2_VOC_HR(v 2.58Mb
  • pdf_ins9 Ins_AIRSENS-RF-CO2_VOC_HR(v 1.53Mb
  • pdf_serie EN_ELECTRICAL_ACC 11.83Mb

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