Why S&P

Why S&P


Recognised worldwide

S&P has achieved worldwide recognition thanks to our dedicated people, product quality and reliability, and technology and innovation.

Our ethos on which S&P was founded, and which is maintained to this day, are:

Proprietary Technology

For the S&P project to be strong and consolidated over time, it was necessary that it be based on creativity and providing distinctive products, avoiding imitation of the competition. Over the company’s history, S&P has registered 80 patents, more than 20 industrial models and over 120 utility models.

Internationalisation and Growth

It was clear that in order to ensure the company’s future we had to open up to the world and to enter new, highly competitive markets. This has led us to carry out on-going improvements to our products. S&P is currently a world leader in ventilation, with production centres in Europe, America and Asia. A powerful distribution structure, through subsidiaries and exclusive distributors, allows S&P to be present in all world markets with both products and service.


One of the strengths of S&P has been our constant growth and policy of reinvesting profits in on-going technological improvements, both in research and production and in marketing. This has allowed S&P to be a self-financed company with complete independence in our decision-making process.

Quality at the heart of everything we do

S&P believes that quality is the way to guarantee success and so we always strive to achieve the highest standards of quality in every area of the business as a matter of principle.

We were the first Spanish company to obtain AENOR certification in 1989 and all Spanish production facilities are currently ISO-9001 certified. Our quality systems for special application products have also been certified, including for high temperature, ATEX and others.

Since 1992, our Aero-Technical Laboratory in Spain has been accredited by ENAC to conduct airflow, noise and vibration tests on fans in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 standards. Our laboratory is also accredited internationally by ILAC-MIRA.

Our factories in Europe, Asia and America produce nearly 5 million ventilation units each year, meaning that a S&P product is being installed somewhere in the world every 7 seconds.

Sustainability and the environment

Today, it is not enough to simply manufacture reliable, high-quality products. Energy savings and product efficiency, both in terms of aerodynamics and acoustics, are the basic foundations for the design of our products.

In this regard, we use the most advanced aerodynamic simulation software and other technological productivity tools to support our product development around the world.

Our firm commitment to improving product efficiency and energy savings has led us to adopt what we call EcoDesign. This design philosophy forms the basis of concepts such as our Controlled Demand Ventilation and Intelligent Control System ranges, as well as products specifically designed to recover energy.

At the same time, our design engineers strive for maximum sustainability in our product design and manufacture such as recyclability of components in order to reduce the environmental impact of our products when they reach the end of their service life.

S&P believes sustainability and respect for the environment to be a key part of all our processes.

Inventing the future of ventilation

A major strength of S&P is our global R&D capacity and capability. Research, innovation, and new product development is the driving force behind our market leadership and global growth so you can always depend on us to be at the forefront of ventilation technologies..

Increasingly, S&P is not only providing world class products but also becoming a whole systems and solutions provider for ventilation and air movement, incorporating the latest in sensors, smart controls and integration with building management systems.

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