Intelligent elements for demand controlled ventilation


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Control element for demand controlled ventilation systems in public, commercial residential building it automatically modifies the fan speed to adapt it to the needs defined in the system, measured with sensors.
It has three basic modes of operation:
1. Integral proportional control at constant pressure.
2. Proportional control with maximum demand criteria with multiple sensor input:temperature, CO2 and relative humidity.
3. Minimum-maximum control with three-sensor input: CO2, temperature, relative humidity or presence detectors (PIR).
DC signal output of 1 to 10 V or signal output for AC voltage variation for single phase motors at 230 V.

ECOWATT AC CONTROL: for single phase ventilation units.
ECOWATT DC CONTROL: for DC ventilation units.

Power supply:
- AC model: 1~230 V.
- DC model: 1~230 V or 24 VDC.
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