Quartz Heaters
HE-N Serie


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  • <strong>Applications</strong><br>Installation under the awning.

    Installation under the awning.

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Wall-mounted infrared heater for outdoor or indoor installations, especially designed to create comfort areas in outdoor enclosures.

Installation type: Wall/ceiling/under an umbrella (all the supports included).
Black pinted aluminium body.
Operation by means of control panel or remote control (included).
“Golden Tub” soft light lamps that reach the maximum temperature instantly.
Energy efficiency of lamps: 90%.
Localised heat: it only warms people and solid objects.


  • HE-Nbdp506

    Swivelling support.

  • HE-Nbdp487

    Remote control.

  • HE-Nbdp481

    Can be installed on the ceiling and on the wall.

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