Double success with College upgrade – Look out for our Indoor Air Quality webinar


Engineers can receive cutting-edge advice on how to improve Indoor Air Quality within commercial and residential settings with our next ‘Good to Know’ Webinar.

Our expert teams at S&P UK have hosted a series of webinars for engineers and building consultants on a range of topics over the last 18 months.

Our first session on kitchen ventilation gave the latest insight on important factors to consider when selecting kitchen fans for new projects, including extract and supply requirements and the most up-to-date regulations.

After delivering a recent webinar to an East Anglian property and construction consultancy, we were chosen to specify kitchen extraction and supply as well as heat recovery for a refurbishment project at a Cambridge college.

The improvements include an upgraded kitchen area and refurbished toilet areas which now provide gender neutral facilities.

Our teams specified the college’s requirements and supplied an ILHT kitchen extract fan with an airflow requirement of 1.07 M3/s as well as a CAIT supply unit, providing a 0.83 M3/s for the newly refurbished kitchen. THE ILHT Fan was rated to 400C for two Hours with a continuous running temperature of 120C. THE CAIT was supplied with LTHW Coil and a full plug and play control system.

Following the successful specification of the kitchen units, we were also asked to supply two CADB heat recovery units for the toilet areas, both of which provide a filtration rate of ePM1 70% (F7) and a heat recovery efficiency of up to 93%.

Lee Page, Sales Director at S&P UK, said: “We are thrilled that through our ‘Good to Know’ webinar, we have been able to demonstrate our expertise in the ventilation sector with a leading property and construction consultancy putting their trust in our knowledge and products for a prestigious college refurbishment.

“The webinar was designed to help engineers understand how to specify the correct ventilation products for their projects, with the kitchen webinar focusing on how to select the fans required and how to calculate their efficiency taking into account the airflow and extraction needed.”

We are currently in the process of an exciting refresh of our ‘Good to Know’ webinars to make them even more beneficial to you and your teams going forward – watch this space!

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