Flat-packed RHE heat recovery is creative solution for V&A Museum


Ventilation specialists offer flat-packed heat recovery units

As leading ventilation experts, we have developed our range of heat recovery units with the addition of a flat-packed model – with the first being supplied to the Victoria & Albert (V&A) Museum in London.


The RHE sseries comprises a range of highly efficient heat recovery units with the flat pack range delivering up to 3 m³ per second of fresh air, enabling the units to be installed in to tight or difficult to access locations.


We were most recently approached by design consultants Webb Yates who were looking for a heat recovery unit to supply to the V&A Museum which could provide enough airflow whilst being able to fit through a small access area to the required location.


On reviewing the air flow requirements for the museum and the space provided, we recommended the RHE 2500 which can be transported in 15 separate components weighing up to 34kg per piece.


Lee Page, Sales Director at S&P UK, said: “This project was so unique as we were given such a tight space to work with. It was the perfect opportunity to showcase our new flat pack version of the RHE series which could be sent through a window and built within one of the small museum courtyards.


“These units are usually designed to be located inside a building, however due to the lack of space available within the museum, the unit had to be located outside and so we adapted the unit accordingly to meet the client’s requirements.”


Once built, these units can be up to 2.5m x 1.6m in size so the introduction of this innovative flat-packed model means that we can provide an exceptional product to spaces in which the standard product would not fit.


On appointment to the project, we provided a full site survey including the recommendation of the appropriate product. Their engineers then attended site to build the product from flat-pack form and returning to site for controls set up after the installation.


Mark Freeman, Electrical Design Eningeer at Webb Yates, said: “We were referred to S&P UK who were quick to establish the appropriate unit for this project having been provided with full details of the air flow requirements together with the measurements of the space we had to pass the unit through.


“S&P UK provided an impeccable service throughout with attention to detail from the build of the unit itself right through to the aftercare of the product.”