S&P UK is ‘leading the way’ on lead times with our fully stocked warehouse


Delivering on promises and products has never been so important across the HVAC industry.


Whether you’re an installer, consultant or project manager, you need to have full confidence in your manufacturing partner of choice, from specification and product quality, right through to delivery timescales and post-installation support.


And when it comes to lead times, we’re pleased to be leading the way.


We have a fully stocked warehouse, ranging from heat recovery systems to kitchen extraction solutions, meaning we can deliver straight to your door whenever you’re ready.


Why are we in such a strong position? Well, as we explain below, S&P UK benefits directly from S&P Group’s unique manufacturing capabilities and processes that help to shield us from global challenges. In addition, we’ve developed a proactive approach to forward planning and continue to invest heavily in our fantastic teams and cutting-edge tools.


So, what really makes us stand apart?


Method in our manufacturing




To reiterate, S&P UK is the UK division of the world’s largest ventilation and air movement products manufacturer, Soler & Palau (S&P Global).


S&P Global is headquartered in Spain and dates back to the 1950s. We have a global presence in over 90 countries, manufacturing facilities in 12 countries, and advanced research and development centres in Europe, Asia, USA and Mexico.


Our foundations are based upon decades of experience in research, design, development and manufacturing.


And perhaps most importantly for lead times, we manufacture and assemble almost every single part of every product ourselves. That’s across our 10,000 product and accessory range.


The fact that we don’t have to rely on supply chain partners gives us a distinct and strong advantage in the marketplace.


As a result, we can plan far ahead into the future, with far greater control over how and when we manufacture and distribute our products – whether that’s an off-the-shelf or bespoke ventilation solution.


This gives us greater resilience and the ability to foresee any supply chain issues – giving us valuable time well in advance to prepare for, and respond to, any situation.


Fully stocked warehouse




Failing to plan is planning to fail. That’s why we focus on forward and backward planning to keep our warehouse fully stocked, and ready for your order.


S&P UK – and S&P Global – are committed to continual investments in our research, manufacturing and distribution capabilities to ensure we deliver on our promises.


“S&P UK have continuously provided an exceptional and professional service to match the products which they offer,” commented Rikki Webster, Director of Edge Ventilation, a mechanical ventilation contractor, following the completion of another successful project.

“They are our first port of call when it comes to mechanical ventilation products due to their quality, reliability and customer care.”


In addition to the large stocks of our fan ranges, we have recently also increased our stock levels of key accessories and matched ancillaries.


All combined, this is why S&P UK can deliver our market-leading products at speed, whether that’s a Silent Dual bathroom fan or a TD-SILENT mixed flow duct fan.


In fact, for most products, if you order by 4pm, you should get next day delivery or collection.


This is also why we can supply our much larger bespoke units, like our expanded RHE 15000 heat recovery range, in a matter of just weeks. Not months on end.


All without quality compromise – but still with our two-year guarantees, installation and technical support, and, of course, our friendly smiles.


Ready to order with S&P UK? Get in touch.