Acoustic Cabinet Fans Self-Cleaning


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New acoustic cabinet fans with improvements in tightness, robustness, ease of assembly and repairability. Low noise ventilation units, manufactured with aluminum profiles and sandwich panels, with non-flammable acoustic insulation (M0) of 25 mm thick fiberglass, centrifugal impeller with backward blades and dynamically balanced. Bbrushless EC motor, high efficiency, low consumption, ball bearings, thermal protector and working temperature from -20ºC to +40ºC:
- Single-phase version 230V±10% 50/60Hz, IP44.
- Three-phase version 400V±10% 50/60Hz, IP54.
A​djustable speed 100% by potentiometer located in the terminal box or by external control type REB-ECOWATT. Analog input signal 0-10V to control the fan.


  • CVAB/T-N_ECObdp506

    Backward curved centrifugal impellers
    To prevent accumulation of dirtiness.
    Dynamically balanced.

  • CVAB/T-N_ECObdp487

    Low noise level
    Internally lined with 25mm thickness of fireproof acoustic fiberglass insulation (M0) reducing the noise level significantly.

  • CVAB/T-N_ECObdp481

    Quality finished aluminium profiles and plastic corners providing a great robustness.

  • CVAB/T-N_ECObdp531

    IP55 external terminal box
    To facilitate electric.

  • pdf_ins1 Ins_CVAB-T-N_ECOWATT 2.66Mb
  • pdf_ins2 Ins_CVAB-T-P_ECOWATT 1.72Mb
  • pdf_serie EN_CVAB-T-N_ECOWATT 2.01Mb

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