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  • Company History

    We have always believed in our project and we have made it happen. Reality has gone beyond borders and we have become a team. We have shown that our people, their behaviour and their knowledge will build the future.

    Soler&Palau was created in 1951. In the early years, we worked hard, with great determination, to take Soler & Palau Ventilation Group beyond our borders and give it a global dimension. We are proud to have taken this path with all of the people that participate and have participated in this project.

    Our corporate strategy defines both how we aim to position the company on the market and the path we follow to achieve this goal, without compromising the values of our corporate culture. Based on the pillars of Teamwork, Proximity and Respect for personal diversity, we have positioned the company on an international level, while at the same time applying local policies under the umbrella of our global philosophy.

    The strength of our business results has given us financial independence with regard to funding. This position allows us to continue our investment across all areas of the business and to become pioneers in research, development and innovation. We anticipate the needs of the market by incorporating new ventilation products and solutions into our catalogue based on air-movement efficiency and energy savings.

    Our highly motivated, skilled and honest workforce focuses its efforts on giving our clients only the highest standards of product quality and service.

    We continually strive to preserve our values and improve training and knowledge, with the aim of strengthening our position of leadership in the ventilation market and our relationship with clients and partners.