Bathroom Extract Fans

Bathroom Extract Fans

Range of Bathroom Extract Fans

  • In S&P we offer a wide range of bathroom extract fans, that way you can choose in each occasion the best ventilation solution for each room. Our bathroom extract fans are specially designed to offer an efficient and comfortable ventilation in toilets, bathrooms and little rooms both for residential and commercial applications.

  • In S&P we offer a wide range of models of axial and centrifugal bathroom extract fans, with high efficiency motors, customizable design and high comfort for the user thanks to the reduced noise level. In order to increase the well-being of the rooms we have equipped most of our bathroom extract fans with a back draft shutter or an automatic shutter. These block the exterior air when the extractor is not functioning, avoiding heating escapes.

    In addition, we have developed for you ARVent so you can choose the best ventilation solution for each situation and room. ARVent is an Augmented Reality app with which you will be able to simulate in your real environment our bathroom extract fans without any installation, only with the use of a marker.

    Discover the S&P range of bathroom extract fans that better fits to your room:

    Silent, simplicity and silence in each bathroom

    Characterised by its simplicity and very low noise level, the bathroom extract fans series Silent contributes highly to the room comfort. Their motor is mounted on “silent-elastic-blocks” to prevent the vibration of the bathroom extract fan when it is functioning, avoiding the noise transmission.

    Silent Ecowatt, energy efficiency and simplicity

    The bathroom extract fans series Silent Ecowatt, has Brusheless motor with high efficiency and low consumption. In addition, the motor is mounted on silent-elastic-blocks which absorb the vibrations and minimize the noise level increasing the comfort for the user.

    Silent Design, a personalized solution for each room

    Exclusive design that is what Silent Design bathroom extract fans range can offer. Choose among a wide range of chromatic palette the frontal grille that better fits your room. In addition, you will also be able to choose among different interchangeable colour bars (white, transparent, blue, green, red and yellow) in order to achieve a tailor-made result.

    Ecoair Design Ecowatt, design and energy efficiency

    This bathroom extract fan series combines design and energy efficiency in a unique model. They are specifically designed for constant volume, continuously running operation with wired boost option. Fitted with DC motors mounted on silent elastic blocks, the fans deliver incredibly silent running and exceptional performance with stylish features and ultra-low power consumption.

    Ecoair LC Ecowatt, technology for a higher energy saving

    The Ecoair LC Ecowatt bathroom extract fans series are equipped with DC Brushless motors. This kind of motors are characterised by their high efficiency and low consumption, with results in significant energy savings. Ecoair LC Ecowatt bathroom extract fans can be installed in the wall or in the ceiling and have elastic silent blocks in order to reduce to the minimum the vibration.

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