Range of Humidifiers

  • Discover the S&P air treatment range for residential applications. We offer humidifiers and dehumidifiers in order to achieve the desired ambient humidity level in your home.

  • HUMI-ED, the humidifier that fits in any room

    The ultrasonic humidifier from the residential air treatment range, HUMI-ED is a compact unit that fits in any room. It has an LCD screen that indicates several parameters: the relative ambient humidity, ambient temperature and the status of its functions indicators so you can check anytime you want all the parameters of the humidifier.

    The HUMI-ED humidifier has an electronic humidistat that allows the selection of relative humidity with accuracy between 45% and 90%. This range of humidifiers also have 3 nebulising airflows and a 360º adjustable diffuser which allows the adjustment of the nebulising airflow. The HUMI-ED humidifiers have filter for water impurities and acoustic and on-screen signals indicating empty water tank. They also have an indicator of water level in the back of the humidifier. They have a controllable timer from 1 to 12 hours and a remote control. In addition, they have a removable 4,7 litres water tank in order to fill the humidifier easily with water. The HUMI-ED range is available with white and black finishes.

    DHUM-E, domestic dehumidification for any room

    Domestic dehumidifiers DHUM-E are compact, portable and easy to move and setup which allow to install them in any room easily thanks to their wheels and carrying handles. There are four versions available, according to dehumidification capacity of 12, 16, 20 or 30 litres. All the dehumidifiers of this range are available in black (RAL 9005) and white (RAL 9003) finishes.

    One of their main features is their super-silent rotary compressor. These dehumidifiers also have an electronic humidistat which allows from one side to select the required level of humidity any time and from the other to see the ambient humidity level thanks to its ambient humidity indicator.

    Moreover, DHUM-E dehumidifiers have an easy-clean air filter and a continuous water drainage device, that make them the perfect solution for residential air treatment. These dehumidifiers have 2 speeds and 3 operating modes: manual, continuous and automatic.

    The automatic mode will select the level of humidity based on the ambient temperature and it is programmable from 1 to 24 hours with a run-on timer. They also have an anti-frost function that activates when the ambient temperature falls below approximately 15º. These humidifiers have an automatic resent in the event of a power cut and a warning sign when the water tank saturates. In addition, they have an automatic shut-off function, which activates when the water tank is full.

    Their control panel is located at the top of the dehumidifier and they have a removable water tank at the back.

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