Heating Industrial Range

Heating Industrial Range

Range of Heating Industrial Range

  • At S&P we offer different heating solutions for commercial and industrial applications. In our wide range you will find fan heaters, electric heaters and hot water coils designed to fit any installation.

    Get to know our wide range of industrial heaters and select the one that best suits your needs.

  • EP-N, portable aerothermal heaters

    The portable air heaters of the EP-N range are a great solution for heating commercial and industrial environments, as well as for drying products. These heaters are made of painted sheet steel and protected against splashing water. These heaters are fitted with a handle to move them. The switch of this equipment allows to regulate the ventilation and heating of the appliances (only fan function; fan and low heating and fan and high heating operation).

    FIRE FAN, portable aerothermal heater for heating commercial premises and workshops

    The portable aerothermal fan Fire Fan is designed to heat workshops and commercial premises. Its characteristic design allows to condition the chimneys' draught in cold areas, thanks to the rubber supports that allow Fire Fan to be placed on the floor of a chimney. They are made of steel sheet with a paint coating, have a very quiet axial fan and thermal protector.

    EC-N, Wall Mounted Fan Heaters

    The EC-N fixed installation wall fan heaters are designed for heating commercial or industrial premises. These equipments have thermal protection and are made of coated steel sheet. The axial fan of these units is very quiet and its rear switch allows the thermostat to act on both the fan and the heater element or only on the heater (the fan operates permanently).

    IBE and MBE, Electric Heaters designed to be installed on the discharge side of fans

    The minimum air speed through the heater must be 1,5 m/s for MBE and 2 m/s for IBE. IBE and MBE electric heaters have a double protection circuit to connect the heater control circuit by means of a safety overheat automatic thermostat connected in series with another safety overheat manual reset thermostat. Those heaters are fitted with an armoured heating element, having as a maximum air temperature through them 40º.

    They both have available temperature sensors in the duct, ambient temperature sensors and speed controllers in order to complete the installation and to adjust the air temperature according to every need.

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