Parking Ventilation

Parking Ventilation

Range of Parking Ventilation

  • At S&P we are specialists in car park ventilation solutions. In our product catalogue you can find a wide variety of fans that allow continuous car park ventilation in order to answer with more security and effectivity in an emergency case.

    In our car park fans catalogue, you will find among others: axial smoke extract Jet Fans, centrifugal Jet Fans, and cylindrical cased or axial flow Atex fans specially designed for explosive atmospheres.

    In order to see how our Jet Fans work in event of a fire emergency and check their effectivity you can download the Virtual Reality VRealVent S&P app, available for Android and iOs.

    Discover our different car park ventilation solutions and choose the one that better suits your needs.

  • TJHT-TJHU, Jet Fans to induce air movement in enclosed car parking, tunnels and large spaces

    The axial jet fans TJHT-TJHU are suitable for car park ventilation as well as ventilation for tunnels and large spaces. They are suitable for ventilation and one off emergency smoke operation at F400 or F300. Their impeller is cast aluminium alloy in accordance with EN 1706, and balanced in accordance with ISO 14694: G 6.3. The fan duct and their 2 mounting feet are steel in accordance with EN 10130-99, and hot dip galvanized in accordance with EN 1461: 1999.

    In order to check, without needing any installation, which of our Jet Fans from TJHT-TJHU range better fits in to your project, you can use our virtual reality app, VRealVent.

    IFFT, Jet fans to induce air movement at ambient temperature in large spaces

    IFFT centrifugal Jet Fans are specially designed to induce aire movement in large spaces, suitable for ventilation at ambient temperature. Their low profile makes them very useful for installation in low structures. They have an inlet steel guard and external terminal box for ease of connection. As an option, an electrical isolator can be supplied as an accessory, fitted to fan for security.

    This car park ventilation Jet Fans have backward curved centrifugal impeller in galvanised steel and balanced in accordance with ISO 1940-1, G6.3, fan casing also in galvanised steel and fan external electrical terminal box.

    TGT, cylindrical cased axial flow fans for car park ventilation

    Our range of adjustable pitch aerofoil blade, cased axial flow fans THGT have casings formed from rolled sheet steel with a corrosion resistant hot dip galvanised finish. All models incorporate separate high grade die-cast aluminium blades locked within a pressed sheet steel hub. Their impeller is dynamically balanced, according to ISO 1940 standard, providing vibration free operation. These TGT series are suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting installation and all models are available in both short and long casing versions.

    CHGT, axial flow cabinet fans for car park ventilation

    CHGT range of adjustable pitch aerofoil blade, axial flow cabinet fans are specially designed for smoke extraction in fire conditions and certified F400-120 and F300-120. Their fan casing manufactured from heavy gauge galvanised sheet steel internally lined with 25mm thickness fireproof fibreglass acoustic insulation (M0). All models incorporate separate high grade diecast aluminium blades locked within a pressed sheet steel hub.

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