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Breathing healthy air is now the priority

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Quiet portable air purifier unit for up to 50 m² spaces.

LCD touch screen shows all available functions and their status:
− Colour-coded air quality level and PM2.5 indicator (μg/m³).
− RH% and room temperature.
− Timer (1-8 h).
− Filter replacement indicator.
− Screen lock.

4 operating modes:
− MANUAL: 4 speed settings.
− SMART: Adjusts speed based on air quality.
− NIGHT: Runs at an exceptionally low speed to reduce noise.
− TIMER: Programmable from 1-8 hours.

Three stage filtration, 99.99% efficiency using 360º drum-type filters:
1. Fibre pre-filter:
Filter (F7 class / EN 779). Filters out large-sized particles (PM10).

2. HEPA anti-microbial filter (H13 Class / EN 18221-1):
Filters fine particles (PM2.5) like spores, dust, pollen, dust mites, bacteria and viruses.

− 3. Active-carbon filter:
Adsorbs fumes, odours, vapours, aromatic and volatile organic chemical compounds.

UV light.
Remote control.
DC Brushless motor.
Automatic switch-off when tipped over.


  • AIRPUR-360bdp506

    UV light that eradicates viruses, bacteria and dust mites.

  • AIRPUR-360bdp487

    360º Filters - High efficiency

  • AIRPUR-360bdp481

    LCD touch screen

  • AIRPUR-360bdp531

    Air quality indicator

  • AIRPUR-360bdp501

    Remote control

  • AIRPUR-360bdp496

    Fibre filter. HEPA filter. Active-carbon filter
    The filter kit can also be ordered as a spare part: AIRPUR 360 FILTER.

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