Low Profile Acoustic Cabinet Fans


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Low profile acoustic cabinet fans, manufactured from galvanised sheet steel and internally lined with 50mm thickness of fireproof acoustic fiberglass insulation (M0), with sound-absorbent insulation at the inlet. All models incorporate inlet and discharge circular duct connection flanges with integrated rubber air seal. Direct drive backward curved centrifugal fan.

Brushless EC motor with high efficiency and low consumption, supply 230V +/- 10%-50/60Hz, IP44, ball bearings, thermal protection and ON/OFF switch.

Additional information
Working temperature between -20ºC up to +40ºC. This cabinet fan is suitable for mounting in any orientation and designed for indoor use.

Integrated control
It is supplied with integrated plug&play control, pre-configured to work at constant pressure (COP) with the following pressure setpoint depending on the model:
- CAB-125: 100 Pa
- CAB-150 a 315: 150 Pa
- CAB-355 and 400: 200 Pa

By acquiring the programmation console PROSYS ECOWATT, there will be access to the settings of constant pressure mode (COP) in addition to other 3 modes:
- Constant airflow (CAV)
- Proportional (VAV)
- Minimum-Maximum
- Timer (in combination with TIMER RTC accessory).

Constant pressure mode (COP)
- Minimum speed of fan between 0-50%
- Maximum speed of fan between 50-100%
-Night position adjustable between 25-100% of pressure at maximum speed.

Constant airflow mode (CAV)
(except 125 model)
- Minimum speed of fan between 0-50%
- Maximum speed of fan between 50-100%
- Night position adjustable between 25-100% of airflow at maximum speed.

Proportional mode (VAV)
- Up to 2 analogue inputs, 0-10V or 4-20mA.
- Maximum demand selection when 2 analogue inputs are connected
- Minimum speed of fan between 0-50%
- Maximum speed of fan between 50-100%
- Alarm relay output

Minimum-maximum mode
- Digital input to select speed
- Minimum speed of fan between 0-50%
- Maximum speed of fan between 50-100%

Timer (RTC)
By acquiring TIMER RTC accessory jointly with programmation console PROSYS ECOWATT the unit can be set to work in time bands.
- Until three daily periods with the desired instruction.
- Holiday period.

Modbus RTU
This series is able to be controlled and displayed via Modbus-RTU network.



    ON-OFF switch


    Low noise level
    Acoustic insulation of 50 mm thickness fireproof fibreglass (M0) with a high resistance coating reducing the noise level significantly.


    Sound-absorbent insulation at the inlet.


    Direct drive backward centrifugal impeller


    Installation in any orientation
    Possibility to be installed upright, horizontal or inverted.

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