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Cabinet fans with integrated, lowpressure drop filters, manufactured from galvanised sheet steel and internally isolated with 30mm thick mineral wool (M0), airtight intake and discharge joints, easy access to filters by, rotary traction type closures. Equipped with backward curved centrifugal impellers.
Brushless, high performance and low consumption EC motor, 230V ± 10% 50/60Hz power supply, IP44, ball bearings, thermal protection, ON/OFF switch with built-in potentiometer to adjust speed and analogue input 0-10V signal to control the fan.
All models have the capacity to mount up to 3 filters.

− F7 Version: Supplied with F7 filter.
It is possible to add a second high-efficiency filter and a pre-filter, both accessories.
−−Version with F7 filter + F9 filter.
It is possible to add a pre-filter (accessory).
High-efficiency filter assembly system with clamping arms which allows the adaption to one or two filters. Thanks to the threaded knobs, it is possible to tigh the union between the filter and frame well, minimising the external air by-pass comparing with the usual filter in a guide mounted filters.
It is recommended to add a pre-filter (G4 or M5 supplied as accessory) to extend the useful service life of the highefficiency filters.
Filtration efficiency according to ISO-16890 of F7+F9 version ePM10 = 99.5%, ePM2.5 = 98.5%, ePM1 = 96.2%.

Other data
They can be placed in any position.
Designed for indoor installations.
Working temperature from -20 ºC to +40 ºC.
High-efficiency filters and very lowpressure loss.


  • UVF-ECOWATTbdp506

    Terminal box with built-in ON/OFF switch
    From UVF-400/160 to UVF-1100/250 models, the terminal box is remote, with a 650 mm length cable. All models include a potentiometer inside the terminal box, which allows manual speed adjustment.

  • UVF-ECOWATTbdp487

    Low noise level
    Lined with 30 mm fiberglass insulation (M0) and highstrength coating, which reduces noise significantly.

  • UVF-ECOWATTbdp481

    3-filter capacity
    High-efficiency filter mounting system with clamping arms that can be adapted to the thickness of one or two filters one or two filter thicknesses.

  • UVF-ECOWATTbdp531

    Backward curved centrifugal impellers.
    Backward curved centrifugal impellers. Brushless, high performance and low consumption EC motor 230V ±10% 50/60Hz power supplyl.

  • UVF-ECOWATTbdp501

    Install in any position.
    They can be installed in vertical, horizontal or inverted positions.

  • UVF-ECOWATTbdp496

    Pressure switch included
    A pressure switch is supplied with the product. Once connected to the pressure taps on the unit, filter contamination can be controlled.

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