Car park systems

Car park systems

Range of Car park systems

  • Impulse ventilation systems in car parks require a specific control system that controls the exhaust, impulse and impulse fans, depending on the different possible scenarios.

    Parking lot ventilation control systems must detect pollution, smoke from a fire and activate the impulse ventilation system. There may be different requirements and therefore the activation can be manual, by the fire brigade, automatic by detection or a combination of both.

    In S&P we offer you different solutions to control the ventilation of car parks, know our catalogue of electrical accessories and choose the best solution for controlling the ventilation of your car parks.

  • PILOT PARK, extract, impulse and impulse fan control for high and low pollution ventilation modes

    The Pilot Park range of control systems for the ventilation of parking lots allows the control of exhaust, impulse and impulse fans for the ventilation modes of high and low pollution (comfort mode) and smoke extraction in case of emergency. These car park control systems are fully compatible with pollution and fire detection systems and are able to operate by time mode using an internal clock (optional).

    The Pilot Park series of controls for car parks have an IP55 sealed enclosure, colour RAL 7035. These controls are supplied with cable glands and cut-off switch included in the front panel (which can be routed in 3 points). They also have integrated magnetic protection:

    Version for 1 motor from 32 to 95A.

    Version for 2 motors from 9 to 26A.

    Connected in comfort mode, they also have integrated thermal protection. The Pilot Park controls take into account the order of priorities during operation: LS/HS comfort, extraction in case of fire, fire breaker. Entering pollution ventilation mode to connect both a two-speed external selector switch and a pollution detection system. Fire emergency mode input to connect the specific fire detection system.

    The Master version has:

    Device control and display of the operating status on the front panel.

    Very low voltage (24V) to supply the front panel control lamps.

    The control system shall remain outside the fire hazard zone. In an accessible and safe place

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