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Ceiling Fans

Range of Ceiling Fans

  • At S&P, we provide ceiling fans for both residential and commercial applications as well as ceiling fans specifically designed with the needs of industrial enclosures in mind.

    Discover our range of ceiling fans, and choose the one that best suits your ventilation needs.

  • HTB-N, silent ceiling fans for residential and commercial applications

    The HTB-N ceiling fan range is characterized by its high performance, easy installation and low noise level. These ceiling fans have three operating speeds and speed selector included with the equipment, which can be recessed. By means of a switch, these fans can invert the direction of rotation to send air to the ceiling. They also have the possibility to change the direction of rotation by means of a switch. All models of HTB-N ceiling fans are anti-corrosion treated and have a motor with thermal protector. The HTB-N range is available in 80,100 and 140 cm diameter models.

    HTB- 150 N IP55, ceiling fans for industrial applications

    Currently there is a challenge to be tackled when using ceiling fans in industrial applications, stratification. This problem occurs in rooms with high ceilings due to the convection effect, which causes the hot air, being lighter, to move towards the roof of the hall to such an extent that the temperature increases by 3°C per metre of height.

    The solution to avoid the effect of stratification is HTB- 150 N IP55 ceiling fans that can drive the hotter air to the floor and mix it with the lower layers, uniformizing the temperature throughout the room and thus solving this problem.

    The HTB- 150 N IP55 range of ceiling fans is designed to work in difficult conditions. HTB- 150 N IP55 ceiling fans are quiet and easy to install. They have 3 operating speeds and include a built-in selector that can be surface or flush mounted. The IP55 protection will be maintained as long as this speed regulator is not installed recessed.

    The HTB- 150 N IP55 series ceiling fans feature anti-corrosion treatment and are protected against dust particles and water jets in all directions. These fans are equipped with motors with thermal protection and have the possibility of reversing the direction of rotation by means of a specific connection, allowing air to be sent to the ceiling.

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