Cylindrical cased axial flow fans
THGT Series


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Range of adjustable pitch aerofoil blade, cased axial flow fans designed for smoke extract in fire conditions and certified F400-120, F300-120 and F200-120 (CE marked).
Casings formed from rolled sheet steel with a corrosion resistant hot dip galvanised finish for all models.
All models F400-120 except 2 poles incorporate separate high grade diecast aluminium blades locked within an aluminium injected hub (diameters from 400 to 630) or a pressed sheet steel hub.
(diameters from 710 to 1600).
F300-120 and F200-120 models incorporate an aluminium injected hub (diameters from 400 to 800) or a pressed sheet steel hub.
(diameters from 900 to 1600).
2 POLES F400-120 model with aluminium impeller / hub formed from a one piece casting.
All models are available in both short and long casing versions except 2 poles F400-120 model only supplied with long casing.
Long casing versions (L) include an external terminal box.
Suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting installation.

Soler&Palau Sistemas de Ventilación SLU certifies that this model is licensed to bear the AMCA Seal for Air Performance. The revision version is EasyVent v11, May 2020. Certification may be checked at AMCA

Available, depending upon the model:
- with three phase motors in 2, 4 or 6 poles.
- with three phase two speed motors, 2/4,
4/8 or 6/12 poles.
F400-120 motors are IP55, class H insulation.
F300-120 motors are IP55, class H insulation.
F200-120 motors are IP55, class F insulation.
Electrical supplies:
Three phase 230/400V-50Hz up to 3 kW.
Three phase 400V-50Hz, for higher power motors and two speed motors.
(See characteristics chart).
Motors suitable for inverter control.
In emergeny operation, direct protected power supply.
On demand: 4/6 poles 2-speed motors.
1400 and 1600 models include, as a standard version, external terminal box.


  • THGT.bdp506

    Motor approved S1 and S2
    F400-120, F300-120 or F200-120 certified motors approved for running continuously (S1) or for emergency operation (S2).

  • THGT.bdp487

    Corrosion resistance
    Casings formed from rolled sheet steel with a corrosion resistant hot dip galvanised finish.

  • THGT.bdp481

    Motor support
    Manufactured from galvanised sheet steel. Models from 400 to 800.

  • THGT.bdp531

    Aerodynamic motor support
    Aerodynamic design of the motor support to optimise airflow performances models from 900 to 1250.

  • THGT.bdp501

    Motor support (1400 and 1600 mm diameter):
    Welded on the fan casing. The whole assembly with a corrosion resistant hot dip galvanised finish.

  • THGT.bdp496

    Impeller dynamically balanced
    According to ISO 1940 standard, providing vibration free operation.

  • THGT.bdp549

    Wide blade design higher pressure
    Wide blade design to ensure the highest efficient airflow performances.
    F400-120: Configuration 1: from 400 to 630 models.
    Configuration 2: from 710 to 1600 models.
    F200-120 / F300-120: Config

  • THGT.bdp540

    Terminal box
    External terminal box to ease the electrical connection (K and L versions - standard for 1400 and 1600 mm diameters).


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