Tower Fans

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The streamline design of the ARTIC Tower Series fan makes them ideal for placing in locations with little available space.

-3 Speed Controller and swivel body.
-Air freshener deposit to use with aromatic products (not included).
-Air filter net.

The ARTIC TOWER E, in addition, includes timer, remote control and energy saving system: the unit disconnects automatically when working for more than 8 hours.

The timer has 2 functions:
-TIMER ON- Programms the time for switching on the fan.
-TIMER OFF- Programms the time for disconnecting the fan.


  • ARTIC TOWERbdp506

    ARTIC TOWER-E Remote control, pilot lights.

  • ARTIC TOWERbdp487

    ARTIC TOWER-M Remote control.

  • ARTIC TOWERbdp481

    ARTIC TOWER-E: Carrying handle. Support for Remote control.

  • ARTIC TOWERbdp531

    Air freshener deposit.

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