Exhaust and/or supply valves

Exhaust and/or supply valves

Range of Exhaust and/or supply valves

  • The exhaust and supply valves allow us to comply with the current regulations regarding ventilation systems in the domestic buildings. This type of valves are designed to modulate the extraction airflow depending on the humidity inside single-family homes, collective or commercial buildings.

    Get to know our models of exhaust and supply valves so you can select the solution that best suits your installation:

  • BDOP-BDO, adjustable airflow direction and range

    Plastic valves of the BDOP-BDO range are used for extraction and delivery in single flow, double flow or air-conditioning systems. In supply these valves allow adjusting the direction and range of air flow.

    BOR, adjustable plastic valves

    The adjustable plastic valves of the BOR series are used for both extraction and supply of air in rooms and commercial premises. The included utilization range is between 40 and 150 Pa. The movable central shutter makes it possible to control the flow rate by means of an adjustable screw. The opening is available in two versions:

    - Adjustable apertures with anchor brackets for plasterboard installation: BORP

    - Adjustable joint openings for duct installation: BORJ

    BOC, adjustable extraction valves made of sheet steel

    The adjustable extraction valves of the BOC range, made of steel plate covered with white epoxy paint, are used for air extraction in homes and commercial premises. Its air flow rate is constant for pressures between 80 and 140 Pa. They can be installed either on the ceiling or on the wall and consist of a suction cone and a central plug that can be moved to adjust the extraction flow rate. A galvanized steel sleeve is supplied with the valve for easy installation.

    BIR, adjustable extraction valves of sheet steel

    The adjustable BIR series valves are entirely made of sheet steel coated in white epoxy paint. They are used for injecting air in commercial accommodation and premises, ceiling-fitted. These valves have a blowing cone, a mobile central shutter enabling the air jet to be adjusted and its direction guided. They also have a rubber gasket to ensure that it is secured and sealed, which can resist temperature between -20°C and 120°C.

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