Fire detection system

Fire detection system

Range of Fire detection system

  • At S&P we offer different accessories in order to detect fire in a car park. Our fire detection system include conventional fire emergency detection panels, conventional photoelectric optical detectors, resettable manual call points, acoustic-luminous alarm and exterior acoustic-luminous flash alarm, to ensure proper fire detection in car parks.

    Get to know all our fire detection systems for car parks and complement your ventilation system.

  • Conventional fire emergency detection panels, a microprocessor based control panel for car parks.

    These detection systems are designed and made according to EN54, and EN12094-1 standards if the extinguishment module is included in the system.

    It has 8 zones main board, for a total of 24 zones and 512 devices (maximum 32 in each zone). Each detection zone has an alarm repeat output for selective alarm management in the event of fire.

    The control panel has supervised and silenceable alarm outputs for the control of the selfpowered sirens, piezoelectric sirens, fire bells, flashers, telephone diallers, etc.

    This easy-to-use control panel is protected by a lockable frontplate which allows operational access to authorized personnel only.

    A version is also available with a backlit display, which shows all the information regarding the control panel status. The optional Console Software in Windows™ environment, allows full systems management of events memory, files, reset and all the programmable functions provided by the control panel.

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