Fluid Filled Electronic Radiators


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Wall-mounted electric digital programmable radiators, fluid filled with high thermal inertia.

Aluminium alloy structure.
Electronic thermostat.
Operating modes:
• Comfort mode R
Programable temperature 10ºC - 30ºC.
• Eco (Economy) mode
Programable temperature 5ºC - 19ºC.
• Frost Protection mode T
Programable temperature 5ºC - 10ºC
• Prolonged ausence mode
• Timer configuration
• Control panel block
• Meter box configuration (KWh)
• Open windows detection configuration
LCD screen.

High accuracy temperature sensor.
Bulb thermal protector.
Daily and weekly programmation.
Cable outlet at rear right side.
Clase I.


  • EMI-TECHbdp506

    LCD screen.

  • EMI-TECHbdp487

    Accessory: KIT PIES EMI-TECH (2 units).
    Plastic feet (not included).

  • pdf_ins1 Ins_EMI-TECH 1.08Mb
  • Instructions Manual 2 Ins_EMI-TECH_TERMOWEB_es 909.27Kb
  • Instructions Manual 3 Ins_KIT_SOPORTE_EMI-TECH 159.43Kb
  • pdf_serie EN_EMI-TECH 394.41Kb

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