Counter-flow, high-efficiency Heat Recovery Unit
CAD-HE EC Series


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Heat recovery unit with an aluminium heat exchanger offering up to 92% efficiency which provides a constant air change in the building.
The casing is manufactured from a frameless construction with double skinned mineral wool insulated panels.
All units are equipped with high efficient filters for good air quality. Plug fans with backward curved impeller and EC external rotor motor ensures low energy consumption.
Free cooling is provided by 100% by-pass during summertime.
The integral controls offer Plug & Play.
Sensors as CO2 or RH are also available as accessories to provide Demand Controlled Ventilation.
The units are designed for indoor installation.


  • IDEO 450 ECOWATTbdp506

    Slides facilitate fast changing and air tightness.

  • IDEO 450 ECOWATTbdp487

    Easy access to filters and fans for changing and cleaning.

  • IDEO 450 ECOWATTbdp481

    user-friendly maintenance

  • IDEO 450 ECOWATTbdp531

    Easy access to filters and fans for changing and cleaning.

  • IDEO 450 ECOWATTbdp501

    Remote control via cable
    Remote control functions:
    -Speed selection (3 speeds)
    - Manual bypass
    - Filter alarm

  • IDEO 450 ECOWATTbdp496

  • pdf_ins1 Ins_CAD_HE_450_H_BASIC 4.21Mb
  • pdf_ins2 Ins_CAD_HE_450_EC_H_TSP 7.12Mb
  • pdf_ins3 Ins_CAD_HE-325-450-575-V-BASIC 7.29Mb
  • pdf_ins4 Ins_CAD_HE_325-450-575 V TSP 4.52Mb
  • Product Datasheet EN_CAD-HE-EC 1.90Mb
  • Serial certificates 228.64Kb

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