In-line Duct Explosion Proof Fan


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Range of in-line rectangular duct fan, specially designed for the extraction of potentially hazardous and explosive gases. Manufactured from galvanised steel sheet and provided with an inspection cover that can be removed to access the motor/ impeller assembly without having to remove the complete fan casing from the ducting. All model incorporate directdrive forward curved centrifugal impeller. Working temperature from -20 to 55 ºC.

Three-phase 4 pole motors, IP55, class F with PTC thermal protection.
Speed controllable by auto-transformer RMT* or by inverter VFTM*.
* These accessories are certified for use with the equipment. For that reason, they cannot be substituted with any other type or brand of accessory.
Electrical supply:
-Three phase 230/400V-50Hz.


Explosion proof versions in accordance to ATEX Directive for three phase models. For ambient working temperatures from -20ºC to +55ºC.
- ATEX Increased safety - Gas
II2G Exe II T3 Gb.
- EC: LOM II ATEX 2026 X


  • ILT-ATEXbdp506

    Easy to install
    Standard rectangular flanges to ease the Installation.

  • ILT-ATEXbdp487

    IP55 remote terminal box
    To ease installation and maintenance.

  • ILT-ATEXbdp481

    Inspection cover
    To facilitate maintenance.

  • ILT-ATEXbdp531

    Non-sparking construction
    Non-sparking construction in copper.

  • ILT-ATEXbdp501

    Earth connection

  • ILT-ATEXbdp496

    ATEX mouthpiece


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