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Range of low profile in-line mixed-flow fans for circular ducts.
The range comprises seven diameters and covers a flow range from 190 to 1780 m3/h.
The unique design of the support bracket allows the motor and impeller assembly to be fitted or removed without dismantling the adjacent ducting.

Low profile compact casing manufactured in tough reinforced plastic.
Optimised design of the impeller, guide vane and outlet diffuser, to increase performance and lower the sound level.
Airtight construction with doubleinjection sealing between the main body and he support bracket to avoid air leaks.
Rubber gaskets on the flanges to improve airtightness with the ducts.
Silent-block between the motor and the guide vane to reduce the motor’s vibrations and lower the sound level of the installation, even in terms of speed regulation.

Brushless EC motor:
– 230V±10% 50/60Hz, Class B, IP 44.
– Speed adjustable 100% via potentiometer located in the terminal box or via external control REB-ECOWATT type. Analogue input remote control with 0-10V external signal.
– Ball bearings and thermal protection with manual reset.
– Working temperature: -20/40ºC.


  • TD-EVO-ECOWATTbdp506

    The TD EVO fans offer the ideal in-line duct fan solution for a wide range of general residential or commercial ventilation application into.

  • TD-EVO-ECOWATTbdp487

    Very low profile
    The low profile of the TD-EVO fans makes them the most effective solution for installations where the space of installation is limited such as false ceilings.

  • TD-EVO-ECOWATTbdp481

    Easy Installation and maintenance
    To reverse the direction of the airflow simply return the main fan body without having to disassemble the support foot.
    The rotation of the main fan body also allows to position the terminal box to allow the best accessibility.

  • TD-EVO-ECOWATTbdp531

    Circular duct connection with integrated rubber seals to allow airtight installation with duct system.

  • TD-EVO-ECOWATTbdp501

    Pre-assembly of the main fan body on the support foot to ease handling / orientation of the product leaving the hands free to the installer.

  • TD-EVO-ECOWATTbdp496

    Large size terminal box, closed by a single screw.

  • TD-EVO-ECOWATTbdp549

    Silent-block between the motor and the support to reduce motor vibrations and lower the sound level of the fan.

  • TD-EVO-ECOWATTbdp540

    Guide vane - outlet fairing
    Optimised guide vane with outlet fairing to increase performance, efficiency and lower sound levels.

  • TD-EVO-ECOWATTbdp495

    Easy Maintenance
    The unique design of the support bracket allows the motor and impeller assembly to be fitted or removed.

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