Louvre back draft shutters

Louvre back draft shutters

Range of Louvre back draft shutters

  • Inside our catalogue of accessories you can find overprint blinds that will allow you to open and close the air passage in your installation.

    Get to know our different ranges of blinds and select the one that best suits your needs:

  • PER-W, louvre back draft shutters against UV rays

    PER-W louvre back draft shutters are made of UV stabilized thermoplastic material. This range of louvre back draft shutters is ideal for agricultural installations due to its resistance against corrosive flows.

    PER-CR, louvre back draft shutters with interior mesh to prevent the entry of foreign bodies

    The PER-CR range of louvre back draft shutters has a steel frame and aluminium shutter blades, lightweight and resistant. A device allows a perfect and coordinated opening of all its slats. In addition, for greater comfort, these blinds incorporate an interior mesh that prevents the entry of foreign bodies.

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