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Bag filters to mount on MFL-F filter boxes.

Selection criteria

The information shown in the curves on the next page shows the relationship between the air flow that circulates through the filter box and the pressure drop generated by the filter in the initial operating conditions (clean filter).

When selecting the fan or ventilation unit associated with the filter box, it is essential to add a pressure margin designed to cover fouling of the filters. The value of this pressure depends on multiple factors such as the particle content of the outside environment, the hours of operation of the installation, sizing criteria and type of fan associated with the box.

We recommend that the pressure value used in the selection of the fan is between the following values:
- Maximum pressure drop of the filter: 300Pa (least energy efficient criterion).
- Half-life pressure of the filter: average value between the initial and maximum pressure drop (most energy efficient criterion).
  • Product Datasheet EN_MOUNTING_ACC 33.66Mb

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