Ducting, reduction elements and duct joining piece


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  • VMC Single dwellings

    VMC Single dwellings

  • VMC Multi dwellings blocks

    VMC Multi dwellings blocks

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Line of rectangular and circular ducts and accessories for use in single-family homes or shared housing. Specifically for use in drop ceilings with very limited space. Offering attractive installations with a good finish.
Full line of accessories.
- Self-extinguishing thermoplastic duct (PVC).
-High-impact polystyrene accessories.
- High airtight.
- Antifungal.
- Antibacterial.
- Free of peasdosed metals.
- Working temperature: 90º.
- Antirot 100%.
- Hygienic non-stick solid particles.
- Corrosion protection.
- Athermic and dielectric.
- Acoustic attenuator.


  • TUBCIRbdp506

  • Product Datasheet EN_MOUNTING_ACC 32.46Mb

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