Pollution detection system

Pollution detection system

Range of Pollution detection system

  • At S&P we offer different accessories for pollution detection for parking ventilation. Our pollution detectors detect CO and NO2, to ensure proper ventilation of parking lots. Get to know all our pollution detection systems for parking ventilation and complement your ventilation system.

  • PARKING DETECTION PANEL, simultaneous zone detection system for CO and NO2

    The Parking Detection Panel range is a zone pollution detection system for the ventilation of car parks that allows CO and NO2 to be detected simultaneously in the same loop. It can control up to 16 detectors with the possibility of programming up to 2 groups, thus allowing individual mails in the case of different gases or sectoring operations if they are of the same gas. Each detector of the Parking Detection Panel systems is monitored individually, showing its status in real time on the display. These panels are expandable from one to four zones, totally independent.

    DETECTOR W/BASE, CO or NO2 detectors with electrochemical sensor

    CO or NO2 detectors are pollution detectors for the ventilation of parking lots with electrochemical probes, without electrolyte, with low sensitivity to interfering gases

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