Self-adjusting valves

Self-adjusting valves

Range of Self-adjusting valves

  • Self-regulating valves allow us to comply with current regulations regarding ventilation systems in the home. These openings, located in humid areas, kitchens, bathrooms or other rooms that need flow regulation allow us to extract the foul air, thus ensuring the renovation of the air in the dwelling.

    At S&P we offer different models of self-adjusting nozzles so you can select the solution that best suits your installation:

  • BAR ALIZE, self-adjusting white polystyrene valves

    Las bocas de extracción autorregulables de poliestireno blanco de la gama Bar Alize, están diseñadas para instalar en cocinas, baños u otras estancias que necesiten regulación de caudal. La serie de bocas autorregulables Bar Alize cuenta con diferentes modelos:

    - BARJ: this model has a gasket sleeve for direct mounting in rigid conduit.

    - BARP: the BARP models have sleeve with pladur anchor brackets for mounting on pladur plates and flexible conduit.

    - BAR: models without sleeve

    For a complete installation in our catalogue we also offer you different accessories such as insulation modules or mounting modules.

    BMD2, double flow extraction valves

    The electrically operated twice-flow (minimum-maximum) extraction valves of the BM2D range can be equipped with a presence detector or external contact. These valves are used in multi-zone ventilation systems of the minimum-maximum type.

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