Single phase speed controller

Single phase speed controller

Range of Single phase speed controller

  • Among the various electrical accessories we offer at S&P are voltage regulators. These accessories will allow you to adjust the tension of your equipment.

    In our catalogue of voltage regulators you can find single-phase and three-phase solutions with different supply and output voltages.

    Get to know the different tension regulators in our catalogue of electrical accessories and choose the solution that best suits your project:

  • REB-N, single-phase electronic speed controllers

    Manual single-phase electronic speed controllers of the REB-N range can be surface mounted (N models) or recessed (NE models). These controllers are fuse protected and have a spare fuse. The controllers of the REB-N series comply with the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336/EEC. The start, regulation and shutdown of these controllers is carried out with the same button.

    RRB-100, electromechanical speed controller

    The electromechanical speed controller of the RRB-100 series are single-phase and variable reactance. The application of this controller is surface mounted and has a 5-position switch.

    REB 5-10, fuse protected single-phase electronic regulator

    The fuse-protected single-phase voltage regulators of the REB 5-10 series have surface application and a separate trip-stop switch.

    RMB, transformer-type electromechanical speed controllers, single-phase, manuals

    The series of electromechanical speed controllers by transformer, single-phase, manual, RMB, can have different supply voltages 1/230V/50-60H. These controllers have a 6-position 0-1-2-2-3-3-4-5 switch. And an output voltage of: 0-230-160-130-130-105-80V. In addition, these controllers include a pilot light.

    RMT, electromechanical voltage regulators by transformer, three-phase, manuals

    Electromechanical transformer speed controllers, three-phase, manual, RMT series have a supply voltage of 3/400V/50-60Hz and a 6-position 0-1-2-2-3-4-5 switch. The output voltage of these speed controllers can be 0-90-150-200-280-400V. In addition, as with the RMB series controllers, the RMT series controllers also have pilot light.

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