Sound attenuators

Sound attenuators

Range of Sound attenuators

  • At S&P we offer you an extensive catalogue of mounting accessories so that you can count on all the necessary accessories for a correct installation of a ventilation system. Among the accessories we offer you will find silencers, sound attenuators to reduce the noise transmitted by the equipment.

    Discover our range of silencers and choose the ones that best suit your installation:

  • SIL-CZ, sound attenuators in galvanized sheet steel

    Sound attenuators of the SIL range are designed to reduce the noise transmitted by fans. These accessories are made of galvanized sheet steel but can also be made of stainless steel on request. The sizes of these silencers range from 125mm to 630mm.

    SIL-CZ, SIL-CZ0, flame resistant attenuators

    The SIL-CZ sound attenuators range is made of 0.8mm thick Z200 galvanized sheet metal and mounting flange with inserted nuts. These attenuators are equipped with a 70kg/m3 rock wool sound-absorbing material with a protection veil against particle trawling and M0 class fire resistance. Upon request, these attenuators can also be made of stainless steel.

    To increase silencer attenuation you can choose the SIL-CZ0 model, which has an internal bulb that allows them to minimize noise. These models are also available in stainless steel on request. The different models of SIL-CZ and SIL-CZ0 can be selected from 400mm to 1600mm in diameter.

    IAA, heat sink type attenuators

    IAA range heatsink-type acoustic silencers feature parallel baffles. All models in this range have the same length, 1 meter.

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