Range of Switches

  • At S&P we have a wide range of switches and pressure switches so you can count on a complete ventilation system.

    In our extensive catalogue of electrical accessories, you can find everything from solutions prepared to work immersed at 400º/2h, to options created for Mechanical Extract Ventilation Systems.

    Find out all the possibilities that S&P offers you of switches and pressure switches and choose the one that best suits your project:

  • PARO-MARCHA, rotary switches ON/OFF

    The ON/OFF rotary switches of the PARO-MARCHA series have a maximum allowable current of 20 A, to be applied to motors 1x220-240V / 3x380V / 3x440V. The frequency of these switches can be either 50 Hz or 60Hz. The 5-wire 5P model is indicated for 1-speed motors, while the 8-wire 8P models with two auxiliary contacts are recommended for 2-speed motors.

    DPS, pressure switch to check the condition of the filters or to check the air circulation through the ducts

    The pressure switches of the DPS series are indicated to check the condition of the filters or to check the air circulation through the ducts. The pressure switches of the DPS series have setpoint value adjustment, IP54 protection, cable glands and fixing bracket plate. These pressure switches can be used outdoors.

    REGUL-2, 2-speed ON/OFF switch

    The Regul 2 switches have 2 ON/OFF positions and a 2-speed selector switch. The maximum absorbed current of these switches is 4,5 A.

    COM-2, rotary switch ON/OFF

    The COM 2 rotary switches have 2 speeds and ON/OFF position. The maximum current absorbed by these switches is 4A.

    MSK-EX, Motor protection system

    The MSK-EX motor protection systems are formed by a protection relay in combination with the circuit breaker. These systems are designed for three-phase 400V PTC motors with a maximum rated current of 25A. Installation of these systems must be carried out outside the ATEX zone. The whole of this team consists of:

    MSD-2: IP54 protection

    MS 220 KA: Din Rail box

    2V VMC SWITCH, 2-speed selector switch without stop position

    The VMC 2V SWITCHES are designed for use with self-adjusting VMC extraction groups for single-family homes. These switches have 2 speeds, without stopping position.

    INTZ ATEX, electrical isolation switches

    The stop/start switches of the range INTZ ATEX could have 3 or 6 poles. Those switches could be singles phase 230V-50/60Hz or three phase 400V-50/60HZ IP66.

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