Portable Cooling Fans


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Range of large diameter portable cooling fans specially designed to offer a powerful and uniform distribution of air.
.The series is composed by three floor models, of 360, 400 and 450mm diameter and a column model of 450mm. 3 speed controller and carrying hundle included.
3 modelos de suelo, de Ø 360, 400 y 450 mm, y 1 de columna de Ø 450 mm.

Domestic, commercial and industrial clean environments and cleanroom conditions.
• Ventilation applications in assembly and storage areas.
• Ventilation of one or several rooms in residential dwellings, offices and retail outlets.
• Engine, compressor and transformer cooling.
• Paint line drying applications.
• Heat dissipation in workplaces.


  • TURBObdp506

    Speed Controller.
    Carrying hundle.

  • TURBObdp487

    Adjustable fan position.
    Proof guard (detachable).

  • TURBObdp481

    Heat dissipation in the workplace.


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