Table/Column Fans

Table/Column Fans

Range of Table/Column Fans

  • S&P offers a wide range of comfort fans for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Among our wide range of products you can find among others table fans and floor or column fans designed for the ventilation of any type of room.

    Discover our wide range of floor fans and table top fans, and choose the one that best suits your ventilation needs.

  • Artic N GR, desk fans

    The Artic N GR range of table-top comfort fans provide a high airflow quietly. These table top fans have 2 or 3 ventilation speeds depending on the model, tiltable and oscillating head that optimizes air distribution and removable safety grille. They also have a useful carrying handle.

    All three models are available in grey 255,300 or 400 mm propeller diameter and are the perfect solution for comfort ventilation in domestic applications.

    ARTIC CN GR, floor fans available in grey colour

    The high-performance ARTIC CN GR foot fans offer high airflow with a low noise level. They feature 3 options according to the 3 ventilation speeds available. All models have a tilting and oscillating head that allows optimisation of air distribution through space. In addition, they are equipped with a removable safety grid, so that they can be easily cleaned and protected. They have a highly stable base, and the height of these floor fans can be adjusted between 114 and 134 cm to ensure maximum comfort for the use of ARTIC CN GR fans.

    ARTIC CN TC, silent high flow floor fans

    As in the case of ARTIC CN GR foot fans, the ARTIC CN TC fans provide a high level of air flow without compromising an optimum sound level. Its main features include 6 ventilation speeds, which can be easily managed via the control knob with light indicators or the built-in black remote control. Its head is tiltable and oscillating, to find the best distribution of air throughout the room. Its safety grille is removable and therefore easily accessible floor fans for cleaning. They also have a carrying handle for easy movement. Its base has great stability and, as in the case of ARTIC CN GR foot fans, it can be adjusted between 114 and 134 centimetres to adapt its use to the greatest comfort. They also have a programmable timer from 1 to 9 hours that has two functions. The first function, “Timer On" sets the time for starting the fan and the second function "Timer Off" sets the time for switching off the fan.

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