Traditional Hoods

Traditional Hoods

Range of Traditional Hoods

  • At S&P we have designed a wide variety of traditional cooker hoods for you to provide the best extraction solution for your kitchen. In our different models of traditional kitchen extractor hoods you can find recessed and professional filter models, which will guarantee the extraction of air from each kitchen.

    Discover our wide range of traditional cooker hoods and choose the one that best suits your needs:

  • HP-E, extractor hoods with metal filter and return damper

    The traditional extractor hoods of the HP-E range are characterized by their mechanical filter and non-return damper. They also have posterior or superior evacuation. For a complete system, the traditional extractor hoods in the HP-E range can be fitted with flexible ducting, clamping flanges, extraction grilles, overpressure shutter or roof hat.

    GE traditional built-in kitchen extractor hoods

    The range of GE traditional kitchen extractor hoods, are characterized by being recessed and have metal filter. These kitchen extractor hoods have an anti-return damper and superior evacuation. In addition, these hoods can be complemented with different accessories to complete the installation such as: flexible ducts, flanges, blinds, grilles or roof hats.

    GL, traditional built-in kitchen hoods with professional filter

    The kitchen extractor hoods of the GL series are characterized by being recessed and equipped with professional aluminium filters. Its superior evacuation and anti-return damper ensure the correct extraction of air from the kitchen. The traditional bells of the GL range can be equipped with various accessories for a complete system. Among the different accessories for this range of traditional kitchen hoods we can find: flexible aluminium ducts, clamping flanges, overprint blinds, filters or roof top hats.

    GET-E, traditional kitchen hoods with telescopic filtering visor

    The traditional bells of the GET-E series have a filter visor and professional aluminium filter. These hoods are equipped with a safety switch, non-return damper and superior evacuation. To complement the GET-E range of traditional cooker hoods, S&P offers a variety of accessories such as ducts, flanges, pressure shutters, extraction grilles, hats or filters.

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