Transformers, timers, humidistats, thermostats, air quality sensors

Transformers, timers, humidistats, thermostats, air quality sensors

Range of Transformers, timers, humidistats, thermostats, air quality sensors

  • At S&P we offer a wide range of electrical accessories including timers, transformers, hygrostats, thermostats and air quality sensors. These accessories allow greater control over the equipment, with options for all types of installations.

    In our catalogue of electrical accessories you will find safety transformers, air quality sensors, or exclusive timers for residential products.

    Discover all the solutions offered by our catalogue of accessories and choose the transformer, timer, hygrostat, thermostat or air quality sensor that best suits your needs.

  • CT-12-14, fuse protected safety transformers

    CT-12/14 series fuse protected safety transformers are fuse protected and transform the 230V/12V voltage. In addition, the CT12/14R models incorporate an adjustable timer from 1 to 30 minutes.

    HIG-2, hygrostat to control an extractor as a function of relative humidity

    The hygrostats of the HIG-2 series allow controlling an extractor according to the relative humidity (from 60% to 90%) with timer.

    SQA, air quality sensor

    The air quality sensors of the SQA series automatically start the extractor when a concentration of smoke, odour or other nuisance gas above the selected value is detected. These air quality probes have a timer to program the use of the exhaust fan. The SQA sensor cannot be used as a flue gas detector or fire alarm.

    THE 16/4 A, adjustable surface mounted thermostats

    The adjustable surface mounted thermostats of the THE 16/4 A series can be installed outdoors and have a maximum current of 4A (inductive). Temperature range from 0ºC to +40ºC

    TIMER ZN 62, timer for residential products

    The timers of the Timer Zn 62 series are designed for products of the habitat range. The timing of these timers is 6 minutes. Its resistive load is 2.5A, and the inductive load is 1.6A. En nuestro catálogo de accesorios eléctricos podrás encontrar transformadores de seguridad, sondas de calidad de aire, o temporizadores exclusivos para productos de uso residencial.

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