Wall/Ceiling Fans

Wall/Ceiling Fans

Range of Wall/Ceiling Fans

  • At S&P we offer you a solution for every ventilation need, which is why we also offer you high-performance wall fans among the various comfort fans in our range.

    The great versatility of the S&P fans makes it possible to adapt them to any room: residential, commercial or industrial, providing adequate ventilation at all times thanks to its speed selector. Get to know our wide range of wall fans and choose the one that best suits your ventilation needs:

  • ARTIC PM/PRC GR, lightweight wall fans with breeze and night function

    The ARTIC PM/PRC GR range of wall comfort fans has two different models: Artic-405 PM GR and Artic-405 PRC GR. Both models are available in grey finish, with 400 mm diameter propellers. The wall mounted fans in the Artic PM and Artic PRC GR ranges are lightweight, as they weigh no more than 5 kg and can be used in 3 different speeds thanks to their speed selector. In addition, its safety grid is removable, which facilitates access to the propellers for cleaning.

    The Artic 405 PM GR model is driven by two knobs on the fan, making it easy to control the available speeds and oscillation of the wall fan. In addition, these equipments have an adjustable timer from 1 to 8 hours.

    The Artic-405 PRC GR model incorporates a remote control for added convenience. It also has the functions of breeze and night. In the breeze function the fan alternates the different speeds simulating a natural breeze while in the night function it alternates different breeze function cycles. Wall fans with night function alternate different air velocities depending on the speed chosen: for slow speed the breeze is kept at a constant low speed; in the average speed it starts at an average speed for 30 minutes and follows at a slow speed for the rest of the night; finally the high speed starts at a fast speed for 30 minutes, followed by an average speed for another 30 minutes and follows at a slow speed the rest of the night like the two previous modes.

    The air flow rates shown in the technical data of our wall fans include induced flow rates according to IEC 60879.

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