Whole House Extract Unit - Heat Recovery Unit


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  • <strong>Heat Recovery Unit</strong>

    Heat Recovery Unit

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Low energy whole house heat recovery unit with a high-efficiency heat exchanger (up to 88%) to provide a constant supply of fresh tempered air into the living spaces.
The incorporated intelligent humidity tracking control as standard, constantly monitor the humidity level, meaning no user intervention required.
Its low profile and light weight allows fitting into false ceiling in horizontal position (ALTAIR 120H) and into a vertical wall (ALTAIR 120 V), especially into technical walls ready to enclosure embedded tanks.
As humidity rises and falls, the motor speed adjusts in direct correlation. This controls condensation quietly and efficiently, reducing the periods of time when the system operates on maximum speed, saving energy.
Our constant flow technology delivers the required airflow at all times.
Altair is equipped with high efficieny G4 (ISO coarse 65%) filters for supply and extract.
The control switch included, allows the user to select the working mode of the unit (manual or automatic) and indicates when the filter needs replacing.


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    Remote control included in the product
    Allows regulation of:
    • Speed.
    • Manual or automatic mode.
    • Filters alarm.

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    Ultra compact design:
    Installation of the unit vertically on the wall (with concealed pipework) orhorizontally in a false ceiling. Possibility of installation in the kitchen cabinet.

  • ALTAIRbdp481

    Mounting flexibility
    Possibility of changing the outlet nozzle 90º.

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