Multi Dwelling Blocks - Auto-Adjustable Cabinet Fans


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  • <strong>Multi dwelling blocks</strong>

    Multi dwelling blocks

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Auto-adjustable cabinet fans made from galvanized steel, trained to transfer air to 400°C-1/2h, furnished with a centrifugal direct-drive fan, with forward impeller.

Can be used in hygro-adjustable installations if the curve of the model is adapted to the requirements of the installation.

Can be installed outdoors as Standard (vertical discharge models require weatherproof covers).

Insulated versions (ISO models): Incorporate 25mm glass wool sound insulation (M0 Fire classification).

Three-speed single-phase motors, 230V 50Hz, class F insulation and fitted with thermal protection (don't connect if it's provided to operate at 400°C-1/2h).
Speed controllable by tension in high speed

On demand
Insulated versions (ISO models), incorporating 25mm fiber glass sound insulation (M0 classification).
Accessories fitted on the cabinet:
- Safety ON-OFF switch (I models)
- Pressure switch (P models).


  • CACB-Nbdp506

    ON-OFF Switch: Fitted on the cabinet for “I” models.

  • CACB-Nbdp487

    Pressure Switch: fitted on the cabinet for “P” models.

  • CACB-Nbdp481

    Insulated versions (ISO models): They Incorporate 25mm fiber glass sound insulation (M0 Fire classification).

  • CACB-Nbdp531

    Rubber seals on the inlet and outlet connection flanges.
    Protection guard at the fan discharge.


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