PAP 420-350

PAP 420-350

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Breathing healthy air is now the priority

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PAP 420-350

Portable air purifiers for commercial and healthcare settings. Manufactured with aluminium profile structure and sandwich-type panels made of galvanised sheet steel, externally painted, plus 18 mm acoustic insulation, which gives them a high attenuation of radiated sound levels.

- Only available in a vertical flow version.
- Available with three different filtration levels depending on the type of particle or contaminant to be filtered.

With the exception of the F7 pre-filters, all other filters come in bags to protect them from dust and environmental contaminants.
Absolute filter assembly system using threaded knobs, which guarantees good tightening between filter and frame, minimising the air by-pass outside the normal filter in the filters mounted on guides.

High-pressure backward fan available, with brushless DC motor, high-efficiency and low consumption, power supply 230V±10% 50/60Hz, IP44, ball bearings, thermal protector. They include a stop/start switch and a manual potentiometer that allows the air flow setting to the premises’ needs.

Other data
All versions come with 4 wheels, making it easy to move the unit to the desired location.
Designed for indoor usage.
PAP 420 Models: Working temperature from -10ºC to +50ºC. Maximum relative humidity: 90%.
PAP 350 Models: Working temperature from -10ºC to +40ºC. Maximum relative humidity: 70%.


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    Built-in diffuser
    The air diffuser distributes the purified air in the four different directions, distributing the airflow throughout the room.

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    Certified HEPA H14 efficiency
    Minimum 99.995% filtration according to regulation EN-1822.
    Each PAP purifier includes an individual certification that states that each filter has passed the corresponding laboratory test.

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    PAP 350 AC and PAP 350 VOC versions
    Wire mesh filters filled with absorbent pellet material.
    The built-in filters in these versions absorb odours and/or gases and VOCs from the environment using the principle of adsorption and chemisorption.

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    Easy and accurate to control
    The integrated manual potentiometer allows to precise the adjustment of the air flow rate.

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    Stop/Start switch
    Power socket with integrated cut-off switch.
    Cable supplied with the equipment.

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    Heavy-duty design
    Its aluminium profile structure and the 18 mm thick sandwich panels make it extremely robust, and ideal for professional use.
    Its four 40 mm diameter wheels make it easy to move the unit.

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